Civic Minutes 10-3-2020 pending approval


Agenda for Public Hearing on New Tax Rate 9-30-2020 at 6-45 pm

Agenda for Public Hearing to Adopt a Tax Rate 9-30-2020 at 6-50 pm

Treasure Island Notice of Public Hearing

Water District Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Rate


TIMUD Board of Directors as of 8-22-2020

TIMUD Minutes 8-22-2020 (Pending Approval)

TIMUD Minutes 6-25-2020

TIMUD Minutes 3-14-2020


Civic Board Members and Committee Members 10-26-2020

Civic Minutes 6-20-2020 (Pending Approval)


For closings, title companies and real estate agents must also contact Treasure Island MUD for status of any water account, not just the Civic Association/HOA property management company when there is a closing. 

Treasure Island MUD, 146 Fathom, Freeport, TX 77541

Office #– 979-239-4198   Fax #– 979-239-4298   

TIMUD email address —  treasureislandmud3@gmail.com

OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 2 pm. Please check the Calendar of Events (click on tab top of page) for schedule changes.

Treasure Island MUD Application for Water Service effective 3-14-2020

Water Policy effective March 14th, 2020

Treasure Island MUD 2019 CCR-Water Quality Report

Civic Minutes 2-1-2020 (Pending Approval) 

Civic Minutes 11-9-2019

Civic Minutes 8-3-19

TIMUD Minutes 12-5-2-19

TIMUD Minutes 9-9-19 at 6-50 pm Open Meeting to Adopt 2019 Tax Rate

TIMUD Minutes 9-9-19, 6:45 pm, Public Hearing to Discuss Proposed 2019 Tax Rate

TIMUD Minutes Special Meeting 8-26-19

TIMUD Minutes 8-10-19

Notice of Violation to Customers-Quarter 1 2020-Total TTHM MCL LRAA

Q4 2019 TCEQ TTHM MCL LRAA Notice of Violation

Q3 2019 TCEQ TTHM MCL LRAA Notice of Violation

2018 Water Quality Report

Additional Info for TIMUD 2018 Water Quality Report-Source Water Report from Galveston

Annual Members Meeting Minutes 5-25-19 (Pending Approval)

Civic Minutes 5-25-19

Civic Minutes 2-2-19

Civic Minutes 11-3-18

Civic Minutes 7-21-18

Civic Annual Members Meeting 5-26-18

Civic Minutes 5-26-18


TIMUD Minutes 6-1-19

TIMUD Minutes 3-2-19

TIMUD Minutes 11-10-18

TIMUD Minutes from TIMUD Board of Directors’ Emergency Meeting 10-18-18

TIMUD Minutes from 8-30-18 Open Meeting to Adopt New Tax Rate for 2018

TIMUD Minutes from 8-30-18 Public Hearing on New Tax Rate for 2018

TIMUD Minutes 8-11-18



FEMA Public Notice 4332-DR-TX

Brazoria County Shoreline Restoration Task Force



We are asking that homeowners make sure your house number is posted on the front of your house and visible from the street. In the event of an emergency this makes it easier for Security to locate your house. Thank you.